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Changing Course, Transforming Education

“We must do far more to advance Sustainable Development Goal 4, to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all."

-UN Secretary-General António Guterres

January 24th marks an important milestone in the calendar of the academic fraternity. It stands for the fourth International Day of Education that shall be celebrated worldwide.

On this significant day, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on how much education has evolved, especially in a blink, over the last two years.

An unexpected global health crisis has transformed the world into a one-world family and made possible a kind of inclusive learning culture that was unfathomable only a few years ago.

Technology, a virtue indeed, has permeated every aspect of our life. With schools, colleges, universities, and libraries closing doors to save guard health interests of the communities, a new virtual world of education has taken simultaneous shape to ensure uncompromised continuity of learning.

Learning has become a lot more equitable, inclusive.

It is expected that with the influx of technology, the common obstacles to making education universally available to all will be overcome more easily. Be it addressing the teacher shortages, or making learning affordable, empowering all with access to quality learning resources, e-learning is expected to help build an educated global population much faster.

As advocates of proliferating universal access to education, we at TechKnowledge™ heartily extend our support to the year’s theme – Changing Course, Transforming Education.

We believe, that education, as a basic right, must be made accessible to all for its indispensable role in –

· Alleviating poverty

· Providing safety against crime

· Preventing terrorism

· Expanding commerce and trade

· Facilitating law and order

· Contributing towards women empowerment

As a fact, our portfolio of offerings reflects this feeling as a common thread between all products – making education accessible.

The Al Manhal Platform has been empowering over 4 million researchers to continue with their academic pursuits in an uncompromised manner. It offers a full-text searchable database of content from the Arab world, including content by leading industry publishers. DeepKnowledge™, has been filling the gap to help universities launch their e-libraries and providing a means to continue with uncompromised research. Similarly, Nahla wa Nahil has been ensuring that primary children can continue their learning of the Arabic language in a fun, interactive manner – whether it is studying out of home or in-school.