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An active learning platform that extends the space and time of learning beyond the traditional classroom.


Engaging and Affordable Learning Experiences, Delivered at Scale

Create the engagement students need, now more than ever. When an institution partners with Top Hat, your faculty are supported in bringing active learning to online, blended and face-to-face courses.

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LMS friendly?
You bet!

We’re not an LMS, but we’re the perfect pairing for yours. Engage your students with Top Hat and view grades, attendance, and participation data in real-time in the Gradebook. Easily export to your LMS for the final tally.

In Person. Blended. Online.

Get the flexibility to engage your students, anytime, anywhere

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Polls & Quizzes

Use 14 different question types—like multiple choice, click-on-target, and numeric answers—to introduce new concepts, reinforce students’ understanding of topics and assess learning.

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In-Class Discussions

Ask open-ended questions throughout your lecture to spark engaging in-class discussions—plus, get real-time feedback on where students need help.


Secure Online Tests and Exams

Securely administer quizzes, tests, and exams on students’ computers.


Interactive Textbooks

Adopt or create a customizable interactive textbook that track student comprehension



Leverage students’ devices to take attendance–whether

in-class or online.



Create auto-graded assignments tailored to your course

Ongoing Support and Training

We understand that starting a new semester amidst campus closures is a huge challenge for institutions of all sizes. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Here’s how our industry-leading support team and suite of resources can help administration and faculty:

How We Support You

Seamless LMS Integration

Faculty Training & Certification

Account Management

Teaching Resources

How We Support Your Faculty

Instructional Design

Professional Development

& Certification

Technical Support

Faculty Network

How We Support Your Students

Technical Support

Campus Community

See Why Educators Love Top Hat


“Top Hat allowed me to truly interact with students, see what they’re doing at any given time and monitor their progress.”

Christina Alevras

Instructor of Biology,

University of Saint Joseph


“In classes that big, it’s easy for students to get distracted. They can sit at the back, talk to their friends or just be on their phones.”

Ricardo Nogueira

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Geosciences, Georgia State University

Frank Spors_DSC_7662_Final.jpg

“I look at students’ responses literally minutes before the lecture to gauge their level of understanding.”

Frank Spors

Associate Professor,

College of Optometry,

Western University of Health Sciences

Join a community of 750+ campuses that use Top Hat

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