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Advance your teaching with the most comprehensive, tailored, and highest quality AI-driven medical education platform built on learning science.

Medical Education

Comprehensive, High-Quality Content at Your Fingertips

  • Full medical curriculum coverage: pre-medical, pre-clinical, and clinical curricula

  • Top-tier educators: Didactic teaching by award-winning professors, including top US and UK medical schools

  • All key content delivery formats: 7,000+ HD videos, 4,600+ clinical cases with text and video explanations, 20,000+ spaced repetition quizzes, 400+ interactive 3D anatomy models, and 70+ interactive simulations

Intelligent Teaching Assistant Ready for Your Classes

  • Curriculum design and delivery based on the latest learning science principles

  • Customizable assignments and built-in formative and summative assessment tools

  • In-depth student performance reporting enables data centric analytics, providing teaching optimization and adaptive student-focused review

Tailored Integration for Your Institution

  • Medical experts and a dedicated customer success manager are ready to help you and your institution leverage Lecturio to its full potential, including mapping Lecturio’s content to your institution’s curriculum

  • Upload your own content and use your institution’s logo and colors within a customized online account

  • Receive individualized responses in less than 24 hours on average from our proactive service team

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Coming Soon
Qbank Tests on Concept Cards

Students will soon be able to take Qbank tests directly on the Concept Library, significantly enhancing their ability to retain what they've read in the articles.

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