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Our Story


The foundations of the company were laid down by Rany Al Baghdadi who, along with his brother Mohamad, saw a need for a new breed of e-library consultancy. This need was identified by Mohamad who, in his 10 years with ebrary as Cofounder & Vice President of International Sales, noticed the potential for improvement that a transparent, reliable eLibrary consultancy could have on the region.
In November of 2004, Rany founded TechKnowledge in Dubai, the region’s only truly reliable and accountable eLibrary consulting firm.
Mohamad continued his role with ebrary advising TechKnowledge through its early development. In November 2008, Mohamad dedicated himself to Techknowledge in order to help his brother have the greatest direct impact on the region.
TechKnowledge has expanded from its humble beginnings of one man in a small windowless office in Dubai to 126 team members spread across UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, KSA, Philippines, Canada and Netherlands.
Together, Rany and Mohamad are building TechKnowledge with a commitment to reliability, innovation and scalability in order to continuously adapt to the ever changing needs of the region’s diverse community of academics, librarians and information specialists.


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