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Our Institutional Offerings


Al Manhal is the leading Arabic electronic information provider. We are the world’s only provider of Arabic full-text searchable databases of scholarly and scientific publications from the Middle East, Africa & Asia.

Al Manhal combines deep publishing and library expertise with best-in-class technology to enable university, government, corporate, school and public library users to efficiently discover and access thousands of eBooks, eJournals, eTheses, intelligence reports, and conference proceedings from the Middle East, Africa & Asia's leading publishers and research institutes.

DeepKnowledge is a Cloud based Library Services Platform that is highly customizable and includes a wide range of tools and embedded technologies to help access and deliver information, as well as manage all the aspects related to electronic subscriptions.

With DeepKnowledge LSP, you can pick and choose the features that maximize your researchers in a theme of your choice, stay in touch with your users via a multitude of communication options, and take decisions based on real-time usage reports and analytics.


Al Manhal’s Service as a Software (SaaS) is scientifically designed to cater to the needs and difficulties faced by modern digital content aggregators and publishers, offering software licensing and delivery models available on a yearly subscription basis.
Through a subscription, clients obtain the rights to host their content on Al Manhal’s centralized servers (on the cloud) and benefit from the supporting services.

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