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The Arabic Blended Learning Platform to Learn Arabic

Nahla wa Nahil, the award-winning, e-literacy platform, is scientifically designed to improve outcomes and promote excellence in Arabic learning for K-8 students.

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Presents a chance for each child to learn at their unique cognitive pace with adaptive learning techniques.


Equipped with inbuilt rewarding mechanisms to ensure encouragement and motivation among children.

1000 books, 100 educational games, 160 subject areas and countless story narrations, videos, word games, exercises, voice over quizzes and so much more!


Proven outcomes in improving a child’s Arabic language and reading skills


Includes content filtering options to keep control over the content children can access


Offers robust vocabulary and pronunciation support


Measures each student’s progress providing detailed reports and analytics


Allows creation of online assessments, assignments and competitions for students


Holistic technical support and live chat available

Teachers - Educators

Choose the power to create the world of tomorrow. Equip yourself and your students to learn Arabic with the most efficient and effective learning tool.


Schedule a Demo to Nahla wa Nahil Arabic Blended Learning Solution for a free one-month trial.

Parents - Caregivers

Here's a descriptive video showing how teachers and educators would benefit from Nahla wa Nahil Platform features, along with some facts and figures.


The Future Belongs to the Curious

Explore the Arabic e-learning platform’s unlimited access to a plethora of Arabic books, audios, educational games, quizzes, in partnership with top-leading Publishers.

As they interact with Nahla wa Nahil, read, comprehend and learn Arabic, children can keep a track of their self-development and add reflections, increasing their brain power, and even enhancing empathic skills.


Our decision to provide nationwide access to Nahla wa Nahil™ is an outcome of the rapid digital transformation that the education sector is undergoing. It is our objective to better prepare students for the 4th industrial revolution. With this strategic partnership, we are looking to embark upon the next generation of learning to help our students unleash their full potential and achieve greater excellence in Arabic literacy.

Dr. Hamad Alyahyaei

Assistant Undersecretary for Curriculum and Assessment Sector
Ministry of Education, UAE

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