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DeepKnowledge™: An Unparalleled Cloud-based Library Services Platform

Introduce Efficient Remote Access with Advanced Search Capabilities

DeepKnowledge™ a flexible and customizable e-Library Services Platform


  • Designed for the librarians by the librarians

  • Includes a wide range of tools and embedded technologies

  • Manages the operations, resources, subscriptions, and maintenance, on and off-campus.

  • Offers a single point control to librarians with no dependency on the IT

  • Highest form of security

  • Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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What’s New in DeepKnowledge™ Version 8.0?

Two New Content Discovery Services

DeepKnowledge™ has now partnered with Open Access Corner and TDNet, and has also introduced its very own DeepKnowledge™ Discovery Service.

Advanced Branding

Reduce your dependency on your IT department and carry out your own customizations, including the URL, from the Control Center™.

Intelligent ROI Module

Ensures that the institution’s library budget is well managed between resources that are beneficial for their unique researcher profiles.

Availability of Catalogue and Circulations

Efficiently manage your physical library workflow and physical books inventory, along with facilitating management.

Improved Electronic Resource Management

Conveniently self-track Acquisition, Retention, Evaluation, Usage, Licensing and more.

A Strategic Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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DeepKnowledge: An Integrated e-Library Solution for Authoritative Research

An introduction to DeepKnowledge™ and a glimpse into how the powerful Platform responds to the needs of a Librarian

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Having Access to

200 million+
Indexed Papers

250 million+




Why DeepKnowledge™ ?

  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services for faster access

  • Dedicated Control Center™: Manage access, subscriptions, trials, analytics, and more

  • Single Authentication Point: Simplifying remote access to users

  • Automated Link Checker: For seamless content access

  • In sync with the latest GDPR compliances

  • Combined Analytics: All your library usage data in one place

  • Student-friendly Communication Tools: From the Alert manager to the MailBlast™ feature

  • Schedule, manage and execute training sessions and webinars

  • Choose your own federated search service

  • Proven track record of 99.9 % monthly uptime

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