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Software as a Service

Offering a software licensing and delivery model available on a

yearly subscription basis.

Al Manhal’s Service as a Software (SaaS) is scientifically designed to cater to the needs and difficulties faced by modern digital content aggregators and publishers, offering a software licensing and delivery model available on a yearly subscription basis.

Through a subscription, clients obtain the rights to host their content on Al Manhal’s centralized servers (on the cloud) and benefit from the supporting services.

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Our Offerings

Platform as a Service

  • Intelligent full-text searchable platform

  • Provides multiple secure authentication methodologies: IP, Athens, EZ Proxy, etc.

  • Includes multi-language interface and search support: Arabic, English, French and Turkish

  • Generates comprehensive usage reports

Mobile Reading Application
as a Service

  • Provides different authentication options 

  • Includes Multi-language end-user support

  • Generates comprehensive usage reports for analysis

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Editorial Management System

  • Fully controlled Dynamic and Customizable Workflow

  • Includes all editorial configuration requirements

  • Provides a continuous track for communication and for each editorial stage

  • Notifies promptly about emails

  • Facilitates online content submission and management

Assessment Tool as a Service

  • Different users and a variety of administration levels and privileges

  • Different test concepts and formats, including: questionnaires and surveys 

  • Ready templates with fields such as True/False, multiple-choice, fill in blank

  • Comprehensive results dashboard and the ability to export results into Excel

Key Projects

Customize options to suit your needs.
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